Cardans Club

transparency is the watchword

The most sincere and modern club of Cardano blockchain

No TBA and TBD acronyms here! That said, we will bring many benefits to our members, various events and actions between sweepstakes, awards, artist contests, member support and many real utilities.

NFTs with 5 levels

Boss, Right-Hand Man, Manager, Handyman, Troubleshooter

The levels of our NFTs are the power you have in voting, sweepstakes, rewards, limits on tools and other actions.

As a club holder

our members

have many benefits and will be able to participate in many actions! We will have sweepstakes weekly, monthly, contests, etc

Event held once a month

where we will select artists

who need help for some action. We will have a channel where members who are artists will post original art, created and signed exclusively for Club Artists Day.

Event held once a month

where we will select members

through voting, who need help for some action that can be to pay something, hire a tool or even a humanitarian aid or proven donation.

We will create

pocket-style content

with useful information that will bring a lot of knowledge with simplicity and straight to the point.

Tools that will bring utilities

to our members

like bots for Telegram and Discord, app to receive alerts, payment link creator, helper apps like Cardano Resources Search and much more!

welcome, make yourself at home

Grab a chair, a drink and come with us on this journey

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πŸ‡§πŸ‡· This project is proudly developed by Brazilians πŸ‡§πŸ‡·